Welcome to Konstruckt, my name is Jason Mahlin and I am the founder. Konstruckt is a boutique project management company that specializes in the built environment. Our projects include managing & directing the building of new office & spaces for retail companies such as Dyson, Inc. and technology companies such as Expedia. We have also directed the relocation of creative businesses like HairUWear.

Our clients are small to mid-sized business with approximately 45 to 250 employees. We have also worked on regional offices of large companies as well. I enjoy working with sophisticated & specialized clients because of their high expectation and unique challenges with the project management of their spaces. 

  • I have project managed everything from a tenant improvement of a company's North American Headquarters to the installation of an IDF (IT Closet) for a company with existing offices on another floor in the building in San Francisco.


  • Location is not a factor for most clients. My clients have had me work remotely (1,600 miles away) to consulting out of their office from an assigned desk. I am open to whatever works best for the client & how they communicate.

Each project I have worked on presents a unique learning experience similar to my unique skills I have acquired in my life. I have experience working at the City of San Diego Development Services Department like managing their $60 million budget process, reporting on the monthly expenditures, being staff to a citizen advisory committee, being the point person on piloting an electronic plan submittal program, and developing a roadmap to guide people through the building process. All of these things give me a pretty unique experience and skill set because I worked at a permit department with a local government agency.